Dr Clayton Spencer
Dr Clayton Spencer - Medical Director

Dr Spencer is a Medical Doctor with  extensive experience as a Physician Executive having worked at all levels of leadership. He is the co-owner, founder and Medical Director of Wattleseed Healing Centre, a practice currently situated in Hornsby and providing private psychological and health services to the community.  Dr Spencer is also the Medical Director of Greater NSW Health and is the professional lead for 500 doctors across 37 Hospital Sites.

His role with Child Development Solutions Australia is associated with the relevant administrative and medical decision making needs of the business.  He has a passion for Indigenous Health and early intervention services, thus his keen interest in stepping into the Director role with our Paediatric focussed centre.

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Child Psychologist Sydney
Emma Spencer - Director/Principal Clinical Psychologist

Emma is a Clinical Psychologist who has a special interest in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and families and peri-natal care.  Her background has been varied and included employment within hospital and community settings, both public and private.  Emma also worked for a number of years in consulting, as a trainer, project manager, neuropsychological assessor and also provided employment selection and transition services. Her leadership roles have included Site Manager, Clinical Supervisor and Executive Level Allied Health representative.  Emma is trained in a number of evidenced based therapies including CBT, ACT and DBT as well as Art and Play Therapies and she has written a number of therapeutic programs for mental health facilities nation wide.


Her clinical role within CDSA focusses on early intervention treatment services for children 0-6 years and their parents.  She is also passionate about supporting expectant/new mothers/fathers, with transitioning into these roles or to address mental health concerns.  Emma is a licensed 123 Magic trainer and Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator, with a passion for working with parents to improve their confidence in parenting. 

Emma's other passion is as an Assessor and Diagnostician with a focus on complex cases such as Autism and ADHD.  She takes assessment and diagnosis very seriously and as such has ensured the high quality of the tools and reporting requirements at the centre.  She is also a Clinical Supervisor providing supervision services to peers and Psychologists in training.

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