For 17 years, KidsLink has been a place where many children and teens who experience difficulty fitting in with their peers, come to feel safe and learn the skills  necessary to improve their social world. Child Development Solutions Australia is proud to now be offering KidsLink services, alongside our other therapeutic supports.

Through once weekly groups during the school year the KIDSLINK team helps children identify what's getting in their way socially, name it, and learn strategies and coping skills to compensate for these difficulties.

Skills that are focussed on include:

  • Friendship skills

  • Dealing with feelings

  • Ability to control impulses

  • Conversation skills

  • Successful play skills

Our social skills groups run throughout the school year. Each weekly session is one hour in length and has a maximum of six participants facilitated by trained therapists. In their small groups, teens and children learn to relate and communicate with their peers using the language of art, drama, games and play.

The groups are designed to help children with social issues related to diagnosis such as, but not limited to, ADD/ADHD, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disability and Sensory Integration Disorder, gifted and talented children with a discrepancy between extremely high cognitive functioning and psycho/emotional immaturity. Many of the children mentioned above experience emotional stresses that affect their social functioning. 

In our efforts to expand this understanding to everyone in the child’s world we offer parent coaching, along with support and psycho-educational assistance for siblings. As practitioners who see these children in a small, safe environment with their peers, we often have important information that we are pleased to share with other professionals and school personnel.

Communication with parents is a key component of our groups. We offer a parent support group to give feedback, answer questions, and link parents with each other. In addition we set up a one hour parent conference during the year to discuss progress, get feedback from parents, and solidify goals for each child.  

How To Begin

We conduct a one hour interview to give your family an opportunity to meet us, see the physical space where the groups take place and address any concerns you have. It also gives us the opportunity to assess your child’s needs and determine which of our groups best “fit”. Please note that there is a fee for this initial interview, and parents and child should both attend the session. Contact us at CDSA on 02 8411 1396 to discuss your needs or click on the enquiry button above and we will contact you.

Parent Quote

"This is the only after school group my child has ever liked to come to.  He always has a smile when I see him leaving."

GRoup Member

"I feel special at KIDSLINK I'm learning how to keep friends at school."

Parent Quote

"My son's teacher said he is doing so well and asked what changed in his life."

Facilitator Comment

"I'm so passionate about my work at KidsLink because I see meaningful and lasting changes in the kids and young people I work with."