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School Holiday Burnout - It's a Thing!

Being a working Mum and a business owner, it is often quite challenging to balance spending quality time with my children and meeting the needs of my occupational realm. Come December last year, I was looking forward to a first - 4 full weeks with my Beauties, which I naively imagined would be filled with 24/7 moments of connection, fun, relaxation and treasured moments. Historically I had always been somewhat alarmed by the common cry from parents "I can't wait for the school holidays to end!". Come Jan 31 this year, I was no longer alarmed and have learnt an important lesson over the festive season break. It is ok, in fact it is necessary, for parents to take some time for themselves during vacation periods.

I won't go into the ins and outs of my experience, but suffice it to say that 4 weeks of constant need meeting left me frazzled, exasperated, harassed and basically burnt out. This after feeling overwhelmed and overworked at work come the end of the year! It was a big lesson to learn and what I take from it is that it is perfectly appropriate to schedule school holiday camps, playdates with friends (at friends houses), kids clubs, days at vacation care, visits with grandparents or outings with Aunties/Uncles for kids to attend. Historically, sending my children off to such activities on any days other than those I was working would have sent me into waves of guilt. BUT - vacations are a time for parents to relax and rejuvenate as well, and this cannot be achieved without scheduling ME ALONE TIME!

To be the best parents we can be we must care for ourselves, and this includes taking a vacation, during family vacation periods. I encourage you to explore your approach to school holiday times and ask that you make sure you are scheduling time for yourself. Our next family school holiday adventure is already arranged and it's Kids Club all the way - Parental Guilt free!

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