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Self Compassion: Essential for Homeschooling Parents.

Today I wanted to focus on something that is affecting families around Australia and throughout the world - home schooling.

Overnight we had had to go from juggling busy homes and worklife, to now also being held responsible for educating the young minds of our children.

For myself I have had to redevelop my entire business framework overnight to look after the safety of my clients and staff, as well as comprehend the basics of maths!

Let me tell you, the struggles have been flying in thick and fast over the last two weeks as I have been trying to homeschool. The biggest challenge I have found is, my children just don’t want to be taught by me!

I’ve had tantrums, heads on desks, crying, scribbling… you name it.

Life has well and truly been turned upside down. 

With all this in mind, I wanted to pass on my thoughts on how to support families cope with homeschooling.

It’s ok to be challenged - but how we can make it a little easier.

I want to say from the start - it’s ok to be challenged. It’s ok to feel guilty. It’s ok to feel that your kids are being left behind. It’s ok to feel like you’re failing. It’s ok. We all do.

No one is failing. We are all doing the very best we can with the cards we have been dealt.

Self compassion - a two part action

There are two parts to any form of compassion. Firstly, recognising someone is hurting and secondly, actively moving to create change that will ease the suffering.

Self compassion follows these exact two actions. 

Without sounding kitsch, it really is as simple as - understanding that this is the toughest time you might face, and working on simple strategies to help the situation.

Validate and recognise your own experience but be strong enough to make a change.

For example, I’ve decided to just go a little easier on myself. I’ve sought help and support around my thoughts and feelings. I’ve accepted how I have felt and tried to pull myself back together. I have sat down and thought about how I can make this different.

Some of my actions included:

  • I stopped putting pressure on myself

  • I stopped putting myself down for letting my kids use the iPads a bit more

  • I took more time for myself and had more “tea time” breaks

  • I take 10 minutes to myself to have some alone, quiet time

  • I have set boundaries to stop my work blending into home life

My challenge to you as a parent is - be self compassionate to yourself and practice it as much as you can. Without a little “love” for yourself, anyone can start to break down.

Start to think about doing MORE of what you can do to support yourself and LESS of what is causing the stress. You can be compassionate to yourself by reflecting on what more and less you could be doing.


At the Spencer Health Group we are here to support you throughout all of these turbulent times. We are open for business both across all our clinics and online, so please get in touch and let’s work through this together.

Stay strong parents!

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